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Fix when XP refuses to update - Freedomlist - plodr aka our own zlim/Liz


Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:56 pm

Post subject: Fix when XP refuses to update


I read posts where people complained about XP refusing to update. This month, two of the three XP computers would not update. I could hang on the update site for an hour and all that happened was the green bar went back and forth.


I googled until I found a solution. I opened IE 8, went here http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=41404

downloaded then installed the update. (I put it on a USB stick to install on the second "broken" computer). Rebooted then went to MS Update again and in less than 5 minutes, the remaining updates appeared.

Note: this worked on two different XP computers (one runs Pro and the other Home). The third computer (XP Home) had no problem with this months updates.


Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP (KB2898785)


I searched for this on our forums, I was pretty sure that Liz posted this here as well as FreedomList, but maybe I just saw it over there.


I just used this on my Windows XP Pro VirtualBox. Windows Updates had successfully installed 5 updates but was stuck at 15% and wouldn't go forward.


I went looking for this posting by Liz to get that link. I installed it and after rebooting, within just about 10 min or so, I had a bunch of updates (16 to be exact) ready to be installed. It is now installing them.


BTW: The install was also VERY slow since I was in it last time a couple or three months ago, so since I hadn't needed to be in this VirtualBox WinXP Pro, I just didn't go in to do anything. Was painful. I am hoping based on a neowin articles (1,2) that this and the new updates will might also take care of that.


Thanks to our own Liz/zlim who is also known as plodr, an Administrator on FreedomList!


Thanks again!


Will report back the results but wanted to get this out there.

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