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This I find interesting. Not just for the two screens but what you can do with them. If I had some loot I'd be tempted.

Interesting that it is made by a Russian company with the e-ink screen made by a USA company. Looks like the Cold War is really over. :breakfast:






But no iPhone has a form-factor that comes with a secondary display that enables it to function as both a smartphone and an e-reader. The e-ink (electrophoretic ink) display is manufactured by E Ink Corporation, a company based in Cambridge, MA, USA. That display has a screen resolution of 360×640 (grayscale), is always on and is designed for reading, even in bright sunshine. But reading is not just what the rear display is good for. Other functions are best read here.


Ha ha just realised this is in the wrong place.

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fascinating! a screen on each side! took me a bit to catch on to that.


If you follow the yotaphone link you will see that second screen has a ton of cool uses. Although it may be a tad small for reading anything but books that alone is a great feature for a commuter. :shifty:

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