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Google Chrome Sync - accidental deletion of bookmarks on iPhone

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

I have been very happy with Google Sync for the most part. I only use it for bookmarks and extensions, but I have used it across OS and devices with great success.


But it is a good thing that I keep a back up of my Bookmarks file, the bookmarks.bak and do an export of the Bookmarks to an html file.


I was clearing cache set individually in Google Chrome on my iPhone and accidentally clicked delete Bookmarks. Of course the NO Bookmarks was synced across all my devices giving me NO bookmarks anywhere.


Sadly Google Chrome has no versioning available for bookmarks in case of accidental deletion. They only have a single bookmarks file (no extension) and a bookmarks.bak file. And whatever session and sync data it has for those two files.


After it did that, I tried to import my backed up Bookmarks and it would bring them in, and then they would disappear!


So I had to stop syncing on my iPhone and replace the bookmarks file (no extension) with my backed up version. No matter what I did, it would keep going back to NO bookmarks or maybe the older version I tried to restore in place of the current Bookmarks (no extension) file when I thought there was something wrong with the current Bookmarks file.


My Sync for my bookmarks just wouldn't accept the newer/current version I was trying to put in there.


It woudn't repopulate the Mac, iPhone, Linux Google Chrome with the current version.


Next, I closed Google Chrome again on my Mac. (I has also previously made a copy of my Google Chrome Bookmarks files from the profile on Debian Linux too while Google Chrome was still closed. Just in case I might need them too).


I finally went into the Google Chrome profile area again on my Mac under Library >> Application Support >> Google >> Google Chrome, and then under Default, I removed both Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak files and replaced them with just the single Bookmarks file -- the one with no extension.


Next I went down to the Session Storage folder and deleted all the files there and under Sync Data folder deleted the two files there.


Then I opened Google Chrome on the Mac again, and it correctly updated the Dashboard on the Google sync server with my current correct Bookmarks on my Mac.


I then restarted syncing on my iPhone and after a few minutes my current Bookmarks were there, and it also repopulated my Linux computer's Google Chrome as well.


All fixed but man what a pain!

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