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The Debian Wheezy Handbook is now available (2013)


A most impressive effort. In some ways a better offering than the Arch Wiki ie: in that it can be downloaded as a PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket. Now that is a great feature as you can transfer the book to a e-reader, which is most helpful if you are setting up a system and only have the one pc.



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Guest LilBambi

I have the Online version saved in my bookmarks, and downloaded it here.


Plus installed the NEW version with dpkg using instructions here in sunrat's posting.


I had already run the Stable version and it installed version 6 instead of version 7. So I did this:


I used it to install it on my Wheezy laptop:


dpkg -i debian-handbook_7.20131230_all.deb

Selecting previously unselected package debian-handbook.

(Reading database ... 140708 files and directories currently installed.)

Unpacking debian-handbook (from debian-handbook_7.20131230_all.deb) ...

Setting up debian-handbook (7.20131230) ...


Then I went to /usr/share/doc/debian handbook html and created a favorite of the folder in Dolphin. Now can go in and open index.html anytime and read.



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Guest LilBambi

OpenCores for info on OpenRISC.


The aim of the OpenRISC project is to create free and open source computing platforms.

The project strives to provide:

  • a free, open source RISC architecture with DSP features
  • a set of free, open source implementations of the architecture
  • a complete set of free, open source software development tools, libraries, operating systems and applications

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Good interview. Ambitious, motivated and a sense of humour.


Personally, I would love to build my own desktop environment from scratch at some point, I have a lot of ideas for something new and special, and hopefully one day I will get that opportunity, but I am still a long way off from that.
and let’s face it, who does not like hippos?

Makulu sounds interesting, lots of options for DE and personalization, and Steam and Play On Linux included. I'm downloading now to check it out; as much for a first look at Mate as for Makulu itself. I've avoided most things Gnome related for years. :shifty: ;)

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A Deep Look at BunsenLabs




Last month I discussed the late lamented CrunchBang, a minimalist Linux distribution based on Debian and the Openbox window manager. Although the original developer discontinued CrunchBang, a group of users have forked the project under the name BunsenLabs. Today I downloaded the latest BunsenLabs release candidate and I’m running it right now from a live USB drive on my Toshiba laptop. Here’s a brief FAQ followed by rundown of the operating system and how it functions for me in live usage.


What Does “BunsenLabs” Mean?

CrunchBang’s original developer named its releases after characters from the Muppets. For example, CrunchBang 11 was codenamed “Waldorf” after one of the two old hecklers who used to sit in the balcony on “The Muppet Show.” In that same vein, BunsenLabs obviously refers to Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, the scientist who frequently performed bizarre experiments on his assistant Beaker.



Final Thoughts

Having previously used CrunchBang on my primary work machine—an old Gateway desktop PC—I find BunsenLabs a fine continuation. The look and feel of BunsenLabs is just a little bit sleeker yet still respects the minimalist design tradition of CrunchBang. BunsenLabs also retains the speed and responsiveness of CrunchBang. Right now I’m running the live USB with LibreOffice Writer, Iceawesel (with six tabs), and VLC all open and the total memory usage is just under 600 MB.


5 Live Linux Desktop Distributions You Should Know



BunsenLabs Linux


Remember CrunchBang Linux? Well, that project is dead. Fortunately, the project was picked up and given life as BunsenLabs Linux. What is this distribution all about? BunsenLabs Linux is built on Debian Jessie and uses the Openbox window manager (with the addition of the tint2 panel and Conky system monitor).

What is great about BunsenLabs Linux is that it’s a tinkerer’s dream. It comes complete with plenty of themes and Conky configurations so you can make the desktop look and feel exactly how you want...all the while not dragging your machine to a slow, grinding halt. You’ll find plenty of ideas for customization in the BunsenLabs user forums. BunsenLabs Linux can run on 32-bit, 64-bit, and even ARM-based machines!


The official Bunsen Labs site,




The support for the distro is worldwide with particular interest in Japan and Germany. The forums are very active and helpful and you have all the Debian resources to fall back on aswell.

One very impressive aspect of the home site is their DONATIONS section which I feel is very well done indeed as is their commitment to use torrents for distribution.





If you can use BitTorrent, please do so as to keep load off our server. If possible, please leave the client open for a while so you can seed the files for other users. Via BitTorrent, you will also be able to download significantly faster – especially if you are not in Europe where our servers are located.



The cause


BunsenLabs is created and maintained by volunteers – we do this work because we love it, not for money. However, keeping the distro available online does involve some costs, for example, renting a server and registering the domain name.

No-one need feel obliged – or even expected – to make a financial contribution, and many people support the project in other ways, but if you would like to send us something via PayPal it will of course be most welcome, and help us to meet the costs mentioned above.

Thank you!



Funding status

US$ Yearly funding goals Operating expenses ~400 p.a. Reserve (1.5a) 600 2016 funding goal 1,000 Shortfall 0.00 2017 funding goal 400 Shortfall 0.00 2018 funding goal 450 Shortfall 349.51

As of 2016-09-01. This table is updated at irregular intervals. Depending on how the infrastructure and requirements change the funding goals may be adjusted.


This distro has gone on my list of must tryout's



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