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Beginner’s Guide To Install Gentoo


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With winter coming I know you folk will be looking to relive the boredom and take up new challenges. After all with your stable os's apart from the occasional update what is there to do with your present linux os, nada zip zero.

So why not give Gentoo a go.

Go on

You know you want to. :thudna5:



Gentoo, a distribution of choice for nerds.

Well at least this is what many people think of Gentoo. This distribution is no doubt hard to install and maintain. And to add to the pain, here comes compilation. One have to compile the distribution as well as most of the softwares from source code.

But it is worth the pain as one can get a system fully optimized for the specific hardware he/she has.

Following is a tutorial that would help beginners to install Gentoo for the first time.

Note: When I say “A Beginner to Gentoo”, I literally mean a beginner to Gentoo and not a beginner to Gnu/Linux. :Laughing:

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Eh, I will stick with Arch.... Last time I installed Gentoo it took about 3 hours to install firefox so I gave up and moved on. Granted this was years ago on a core2duo w/2gb ram but still, I can't wait that long for a simple application install. That said, if you have the patience Gentoo is an excellent/stable distro with a ton of customizations available.



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Having built some wifi drivers from source back in the day before Linux sorted out the support for Ralink, I am not anxious to build the whole O/S.

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