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Unsettling to see NYTimes down

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

Unsettling to see NYTimes down - BambisMusings Blog




The NYTimes website has been down some report at or about 11AM this morning, but based on the website isitdownrightnow.com, it’s been down for almost 11HRS.





NYTimes down since 0809 14 Aug 2013 – at this point about 11 hours


So many people around lunchtime were hitting the number one link if you search for nytimes website down (isitdownrightnow.com), specifically their their NYTimes page, that even it appears to be buckling under the weight of all those trying to find out what’s going on and for how long.


I found out about it this morning from all the posts about NYTimes website down, NYTimes still down, there were some funny ones too, but you have to know this is very unsettling to wake up and go looking for a website you see every day and it’s gone without a peep. And no answer on the @NYTimes Twitter account. Finally! @NYTimes actually posted about it:






The New York Times Web site is experiencing technical difficulties. We expect to be back up shortly.


Hopefully we will find out what happened. Was it a DDoS attack? Malicious SQL injection? Or something less scary?

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Guest LilBambi

Would be foolish on their part, though. Transparency is most important for their users.


Not just for registered users, but potential registered users, too.


And their myriad of free users that read articles from searches, etc.


As journalists, they must realize their readers need to know. ;)

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