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Copy !!!!! No file limit cloud storage.


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If you like the sound of this cloud storage service click on the link and I will get an extra 5 GB and so will you.



Copy was created to meet the exceedingly high design demands of today's online and mobile users, and to provide the advanced security and corporate features required for businesses. Additional highlights of the service include:

  • Multiple device compatibility – Copy works across Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux computers and offers mobile device support for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android, with Windows Mobile coming soon.
  • Easy file sharing without limits – Copy allows users to upload and share files of any size, including 1080p videos and raw photographs, without size limitations often found in email attachments. These shared files and folders can be sent to anyone either publicly or privately and accessed from any location or device.
  • More security – Copy provides a secure alternative to other cloud storage services. Included data verification inspects data before Copy accepts it into the user's cloud storage. File-level ownership is verified prior to transferring anything to other devices. Copy also allows users to share files privately using Copy's built-in identify verification.
  • Company control – Copy extends its cloud storage and sharing benefits into corporate environments with user and group management and added controls for proprietary company data.


There is a package in the AUR,




It is touted to work on most linux os's.


I have just installed so will give an update soon. The no limit on file size is a great feature.



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Did a test run with some .DNG files from me new toy. Shots are of Kendal high street.




Copy seems to work fine so it looks like a keeper for me as it will be a handy way to host them larger files like the above.



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Well I use the COPY service and find it most useful. With all the free giveaways I have managed to amass a 105GB cloud storage. I did this by way of referrals. I uploaded a lot of themes for Window Maker to Copy and included a read me file which gave my referral link along with what seems to have been a excellent "please support this very poor but generous chap".


Anyways there is a new feature for the service which looks to be very cool,


New: Supporting Copy File Sync & Share


Kloudless and Copy, a Barracuda service, have partnered to bring corporate-ready cloud storage, collaboration and power of the Kloud to your inbox! Click here to jump to the full press release.


an a link to the kloudless extension page,




I have not tried it yet but it looks pretty neat. :fish:

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Just a couple friendly reminders about cloud computing/storage...








I am really only using Copy as the site ATPIC that I use for photo sharing is being remodelled, has been for some time. So if some sado wants to hack or steal my pics and Window Maker themes I guess I can live with that. :harhar:

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