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DHS is trying to be just as offensive as NSA


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Here's an article about the "Contitution Free Zones" which Department of Homeland Security has declared along all the U.S. borders.


Here's the actual wording used by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to explain why it can't change its electronic device search policies:

...we have been presented with some noteworthy [Customs and Border Protection (CBP)] and [immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)] success stories based on hard-to-articulate intuitions or hunches based on officer experience and judgment.

Under a reasonable suspicion requirement, officers might hesitate to search an individual's device without the presence of articulable factors capable of being formally defended, despite having an intuition or hunch based on experience that justified a search.

Article from Naked Security

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Border searches have always been subject to lower, or no, probable cause/warrant requirements.

yeah, kind of odd that DHS goes to that lame excuse sited at 'Naked Security' instead of Case Law.

unlesss ...

is the DHS doing this in non-border situations?

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