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We would ask, whenever possible, you do not include hyperlinks to malware, spyware, or browser hijacking sites within your posts.This problem first came to light in the Security forum. When posting HijackThis logs, the logs include live links to the malaware sites it detects. We don't want anyone to accidently click on one of those links. We are trying to go back and add a warning in those posts about the links.But please keep this in mind where ever you post within the forum. If your post includes a hyperlink to a site that you wouldn't want someone to access, you should put brackets...()...[]...{}...around the link to make it text instead of a live link. Even if you don't use the "http://" button in your post, any full URL typed into a post becomes a hyperlink. This is a URL typed directly in this window: http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/ Notice that it's now a hyperlink. If i put it in brackets: [http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/], it's just text.So we ask that, when ever possible, you take these simple steps to ensure that none of our fellow Highlanders are accidently exposed to sites we know are bad ones.Thanks.

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