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Roast your own LinuxBBQ

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I just installed this on my EeePC 900 (after deciding that KDE is a bit much for it), and it works like a dream! Wireless worked out of the box, touchpad works and almost everything else, except volume function keys. All the other function keys work. The version I installed is Trollinger, with LXDE and OpenBox as WM. It installed in about 1.5GB from a 429MB iso, boots to around 100MB RAM and is very snappy. I think it's a keeper! :thumbsup: B)


LinuxBBQ website


There are a multitude of versions available, the main idea being to allow the user to build up the system from a reliable base. Here's a couple of quotes to explain a bit more:

Hey Grillmeister!


minilogo.pngStill distro-hopping? Downloaded the same default apps again and again? Or still unhappy with distro defaults? Then it's quite obvious:

It's time for you to "Roast Your Own"!

  • based on Debian Sid
  • lightweight and fast
  • no-nonsense defaults
  • dozens of BBQ tools included


Trollinger release notes:

The team is proud to present “Trollinger”, a LinuxBBQ flavour with LXDE as desktop environment and Openbox as window manager. “Trollinger” is best suited for tinkerers, fetishists, bachelors, alcoholics and those who are not afraid of Debian Sid. If you are searching for a full-featured, bloated, shiny spin, please move on: If you use “Trollinger” your wife will leave you and innocent kitteh will end up as shashlik or cevapcici. Back to topic: the base edition comes with small memory footprint and works well on older hardware (686 instruction set required). Kernel 3.7-1-towo, roasted with love, LXDE 4+ on top, garnished with Openbox 3.5, PCManFM as File Destroyer, Iceweasel to browse your favourite memes, Leafpad to write ransom letters, and Deadbeef as noise player. Still with me? Download!



I just hope Kitty is OK. :blink: :lol:

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Nice to see RangerFM and Zsh terminal as the defaults!! I may download this and give it a spin on my HP Mini netboot (64bit).

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Nice to see RangerFM and Zsh terminal as the defaults!! I may download this and give it a spin on my HP Mini netboot (64bit).

Which version is that? Trollinger uses PCManFM.

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Which version is that? Trollinger uses PCManFM.

It is Trollinger: http://www.linuxbbq....c.php?f=3&t=174

Trollinger is the de-facto base release of LinuxBBQ, recommended to those who want to build up their system comfortably. Besides the standard CLI apps, Trollinger comes with a small amount of GUI applications:


Default stack

Iceweasel browser

Roaster browser

PCManFM file manager

Leafpad text editor

mousepad text editor

Deadbeef music player

mplayer2 media player





Synaptic package manager

GDebi package installer

Bleachbit janitor


Adobe Flashplayer, Adblock/Element Hiding addons enabled in Iceweasel

BBQ Tools

Spatula simple WYSIWYG editor

Entertainer website randomizer

USB Creator frontend for dd

BBQNotes notepad

BBQSystem configuration helper (rewritten)

UpdateMan frontend for APT

EggTimer alarm

BBQdf frontend for df

Roaster browser

Cookbook desktop help

BBQ Webapps (Fog's photostream, Google News, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Youtube, gpodder, online TV streams)


CLI Applications

abook addressbook

alsamixer audio mixer

bc calculator

BBQradio radio player

centerim* instant messenger

centericq* instant messenger for ICQ

irssi IRC chat tool

mc file manager

mcedit editor

moc music player

mutt* mail client

nano editor

ncdu ncurses disk utility

newsbeuter RSS client

ranger file manager

sc spreadsheet application

testdisk disk utility

tmux terminal multiplexer (for root)

wordgrinder text processor

wyrd calendar

zsh shell

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Hmmmmm, Got my wife a new laptop (ok used but built up better than new by yours truely) which leaves this Toshiba Netbook alone and sad in the closet. What to do, what to do. ;)

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had to lol at the bbq that comes with 40 windows managers... you'd be forever in a day just forking around with that!


hmm... make your own iso out of the fine mess you create:


- What does snapshot mean?


It means you have your own redistributable ISO image. It is your desktop. It includes your software selection. You can share it with friends, or you can create a rescue system in case you bork your installation.


- But how do I install the snapshot?


The snapshot includes the live-installer, so you can both use the image as live system or install it on the destination computer.

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