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Livarp a lightweight Debian based os


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livarp is a DEBIAN-based distro.

livarp try to take the best part of available Debian GNU/Linux applications without loosing accessibility or design.

special attention was paid to the documentation and livarp-help-center to let you discover the easiest way these 9 window managers.

9wms inside: vtwm, dwm, echinus, wmfs2, awesome(by Aphelion), evilwm, pekwm, fluxbox & compiz

livarp can handle PIII with 128M ram but is better with a PIV and 512M ram. higher config are just bonus :).


I could not resist, downloaded and transferring to a 16 GB usb stick I got from somewhere. 9 wm's to play with should be fun. :breakfast:

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Well Livarp installs to a usb stick easily and as far as I can see all 9 wm's are there. I used the GUI installer and am impressed with the ease of use. I will not have a lot of time to play at the moment but will post any experiences.

It does seem to run quite a bit slower than Porteus though.



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