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Firefox, Chrome, and Flash


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I have been having terrible performance issues with Flash plugin for a very long time.


It crashed almost every time I try to play something. This was happening in Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Konqueror, pretty much every browser.

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, downgrade to older version, compile my own from source, and just about anything else that was recommended by the experts at Google search results.


I now have it "fixed". It only crashes about 50% of the time, unless I am playing an embedded video where it crashes over 75% of the time.


How did I accomplish this, you ask?


I installed Mozilla's experimental browser Aurora, and keep it up to date with nightly builds.

Who knew bleeding edge would be more stable than "stable"?

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Flash has been amazingly stable in Iceweasel for me lately, which was not always the case. Still uses 20-40% of both my CPU cores though.

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