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[arch-announce] qt4 replaces qt


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Andrea Scarpino wrote:


A new `qt4` package in [extra]. This replaces the current `qt` package.


All packages depending on `qt` need to be rebuilt to depend on `qt4`. We have

done this for all official packages, but you will need to rebuild packages

installed from the AUR that depend on `qt`.


Qt 5.x is now also available in [extra]. When you install both `qt5-base` and

`qt4` any Qt tool will refer to the 5.x version. We provide *-qt4 symlinks so

you can explicitly force the 4.x version when you need it.



URL - https://www.archlinux.org/news/qt4-replaces-qt/

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Btw, it is safe to use the force switch when updating to qt4 as you will have conflicts otherwise:


pacman -Sdd qt4


Then update as usual.

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Josh, pacman -Sdd qt4 will only effect the official repos but not the AUR packages correct?


Well most of the AUR packages have had the dependency line changed already but if they complain, just change qt to qt4 on the dependency line on the PKGBUILD.


Only two of my AUR packages needed qt but the PKGBUILD had already been updated.

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