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Linux and ICS

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I'm getting ready to experiment with Mandrake Linux 9.0 and wondered if I can use it to access the internet through my home network that uses WinXP's Internet Connection Sharing. The pc with Linux on it will be a dual-boot with Win98se. XP's config disk will be used on the Win98 OS to access the 'net. Does anyone have a setup like this? Any problems with my proposed setup? Thanks!

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I can't see why not. The ICS configuration disk sets the proxy server settings for the other clients using the ICS gateway. What you should do is make a note of the IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS server, etc., that your Windows 98 machine is using to configure your networking parameters in the Linux install. Then check the settings in Internet Explorer under Tools/Options/LAN Settings and see what the values are. Use those values to plug into the proxy server settings for Mozilla when you are in your Linux GUI. I believe ICS uses the 192.168.0.x subnet for the Internet Connection Sharing IP. Therefore, your Linux install needs to be a part of that subnet and the default gateway must point to that ICS IP address.I don't use ICS and I've only set it up once about 5 years ago using Windows 98 SE, so hopefully someone who's more familiar with it can corroborate or fix my answer.

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