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Google posts gallery of data centre photos.


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Our data must be safe.

These aren't the server racks you're looking for.


The most amazing news on that Huff Post page is the people still get RickRolled! I once posted a nasty Rickroll on a forum that made the video browser window move every second or so making it really hard to close. I thought it was hilarious in Linux but it turned out it crashed IE and Windows causing one guy to lose a bunch of unsaved work. I had to apologise and remove it. :unsure:

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cool google pix!

but -

where did you get a picture of me and my cat? seriously.

our "order" strongly objects to its membership 1. being photographed, and 2. having anyone outside the order know of the foil-mental-safety helmets.


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That particular brand of foil does not block cellular frequencies, temmu. You may want to make sure you haven't been chipped......



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