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iPhone 5

Neil P

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On Tuesday, 12 September, Apple is holding an event. It is very widely speculated (and almost certain) that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the event. It's not clear if they'll call it "iPhone 5" or "the new iPhone" (as they did with the latest iPad), but the invitation has a "5" in the shadow.


Gizmodo has a roundup of all of the rumors so far: http://gizmodo.com/5...up?tag=iphone-5


The screen is supposedly 4 inches (the old phones have a 3.5in display) at 16:9 ratio. And using a thinner (and more magic) display that will enable less power usage.


The biggest change to me seems to be the new connector. Instead of the 30 pin connector that has been used in...everything, they'll move to a 19 pin connector.


The iPhone 5 will almost certainly be LTE-capable.


Also, there have been reports that Sharp, a supplier of screens for the device, was having issues meeting Apple's demand. Either the iPhone 5 will be (more) scarce (than usual) at launch, or the launch will be further out than usual. Or both.


And of course, it will feature iOS 6. But we already know about that from WWDC this year.


All of this was taken from the Gizmodo link. They have a ton of links to other reports and pictures.


Unfortunately I won't be getting a 5, since I just upgraded to the 4S in May (since I broke my 4 :( ) and I'm not paying $600 for a phone when I don't need it. $200 is bad enough!

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I've been debating this myself. I am having a hard time getting past the design, if the leaks are correct.


Also, the rumored change to a new dock connector makes me pause as well. Granted, I would have to make the switch sometime, but it still stinks.



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Guest LilBambi

I again will not want an iPhone of any kind, particularly an LTE one since LTE is still not available anywhere near where we live. I don't do smartphones since we pay so much for our Internet (Verizon Wireless) as it is.


However, if the rumors of an updated/refresh/remake of the iPod Touch is really going to be on tap ... that I would definitely be interested in.

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