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Save HTML on iPad


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Is it possible to save an HTML page on an iPad to be run in Safari when offline?


The iPad (and iPhone if I had one) is new to me, though I am in the [Windows and browser-based] software field for 30 years. I have a simple HTML page which I would like to be able to run when I am offline. However, there is an embedded VBscript.





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Perhaps the Instapaper app will do what you are looking for..... but it is four dollars.


Read It Later has a free version and may do what you need. However, it will not open the page in Safari, but its own browser.



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Guest LilBambi

Wonder if that is something that is disabled in iSaveWeb Lite or that it only does straight up html?


Shame it turned out to not be straight HMTL after all. VB Scripting (Microsoft Windows scripting), might never work right on an Apple device?

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