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Julian Assange's Surfraw – Surf the web from the CLI

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Surfraw stand for: S**** Users’ Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web and is a funny way to query Search engines and other services on the net from the terminal; well, is funny for people who think that working on the CLI is funny icon_wink.gif , ah and have I told you that Surfraw was originally written by Julian Assange ? yes that one, so it must be a good tools to get information from the net…


This is only a small part of the Elvi list.





List of Elvi


This is the list of Elvi, web site search scripts, contained in Surfraw

acronym — Look for acronyms definitions (www.acronymfinder.com)

ads — Search SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System

alioth — Search Alioth (alioth.debian.org)

amazon — Search the amazon.com bookstore

archpkg — Search Arch Linux Packages (www.archlinux.org/packages/)

archwiki — Search the Arch Linux Wiki

arxiv — Search arXiv E-Print Archive for articles

ask — Question the web using Ask Jeeves (www.ask.com)

aur — Search aur.archlinux.org for PKGBUILDs

austlii — Search Australian Law docs (www.austlii.edu.au)

bbcnews — Search BBC News (news.bbc.co.uk)

bing — Search the web using Microsoft’s Bing (www.bing.com)

bookfinder — Search for books using www.bookfinder.com

bugmenot — Bypass compulsory web registration with bugmenot.com

bugzilla — Search for bugs on Bugzilla bugtrackers

cablesearch — search openports for OpenBSD packages

cia — Search CIA documents at www.cia.gov


Now do not overload the CIA's servers folks :fishing:

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Very cool :thumb up:

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