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Funny stuff at Debian forum

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Cracked up at this post on debianuserforums.org (which is different from the official forums.debian.net)


newb questions


by SoulSingin » August 20th, 2012, 5:33 am Why is Debian Wheezy? Does Debian have a cold? I heard that Wheezy will be in his stable in a few months. Why isn't Wheezy in his stable? Is that why Debian has a cold?


I have heard that KDE4 runs with Wheezy. They say it's just like Windows. Does Wheezy have Windows in his stable? If they put Windows in his stable will Wheezy come back home?

Worth a look for the rest of the posts too. :lol:


SoulSingin is pretty funny sometimes, here's another classic: Migrating to Debian from Ubuntu

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Wow, that was service with a smile, I am sure dhez won't be running to the Debian User Forums anytime soon for assistance. Wonder if Soulsingin was ever an Arch user. Many people just like him over there in the Arch forums that make you not want to ask questions. ;)

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While that was kinda funny, it's sad that some folks at both of those Debian forums sites seem to take such pleasure in being rude. I guess it's easy to be that way sitting anonymously at home in front of a computer screen. It might be interesting to meet some of those forum bullies face-to-face.

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what an a55 whole.

i should register their just to use a quote from "the wholly grail"

and i quote:

"i fart in your general direction."

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