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One new Linux distribution every day


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In open source software communities, few events are as exciting as the release of a new operating system. Community members may wait for months—even years—as fresh versions of their favorite Linux distributions are collectively and meticulously prepared, debugged, and packaged for the world.

Next month, Todd Robinson will release a Linux-based desktop operating system in a single day. Thirty-one times in a row.


Some folks have a lot of energy :w00tx100: Wonder if they will all be buntu's or will he try out different os's B)

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So who's going to try each one and report back to BATL? I'd prefer to volunteer to try a different cocktail every day for 31 days, maybe next summer.

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Or a new beer each day for 31 days.


31 distros in 31 days. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

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