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Open Badges --- who do think deserves one here ?


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Learning today happens everywhere. But it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen online or out of school. Mozilla Open Badges helps solve that problem, making it easy for any organization to issue, manage and display digital badges across the web.




A displayer is a website, organization, group or individual that accesses publicly shared badges from the Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI) and displays them for an earner. Badge display plays a crucial role in the Open Badges ecosystem—part of a badge’s value resides in its usage or social currency. This is a factor that is affected by where and how badges are displayed. Social networking sites, discipline-oriented community portals, and job search sites, as well as personal sites and blogs are all potential badge displayers.




What form do badges take? Is it just something I stick on a web page or sew on my shirt?


The badge itself is more than a static image or button—its value comes from the information or metadata attached to it.

The information behind each badge provides justification and validation, including:

  • who issued the badge
  • the issue date
  • how the badge was earned
  • hyperlinks back to artifacts, documents, or testimonials demonstrating the work that lead to earning the badge.
  • authentication back to the issuer

This supporting data reduces the risk of gaming the system (e.g., illegitimately copying badges and putting them on your site) and builds in an implicit validation system. The metadata may vary based on the particular skill, assessment and issuer.


If I get the moderators and administraters here at BATL :flowerz: and :beer: and blow%20out%20candles.gif on their burpdays can I have a badge. :th_action-smiley-066:



Title should read "who do you think deserves one here"

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