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Quint, this site has nice, down to earth kind of reviews of Linux distros.I just thought you might check it out :Dhttp://www.madpenguin.org/article.php?sid=159 - Xandros reviewhttp://www.madpenguin.org/article.php?sid=126 - Suse 8.2 ReviewI hope it helps you little bit in your quest for good Linux Distro.
zox, thank you. Have it bookmarked; now that's what I call a review. :D And as an added bonus, they found him:logo.gif :blink:
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Guest ComputerBob

No problem. That really is a funny site. Did anyone ever confirm for sure whether that guy committed suicide? Maybe the Iraqi Information Minister will show up on al-Jazeera television some day, to tell the world that yes, he committed suicide. :o

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