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Some of you know how it feels to have your home broken into. I haven't had this happen (except for a TV when I was in college), but friends of mine had, and unanimously described a feeling of violation. I was surprised, then, when I was hit by two Trojans within a 24 hour period, that I felt the same way. What had those bad boys found. Well, I don't have much in the way of important information onboard, and there's not much that's embarrassing to be found here, but, gee, the columnists say that the bad boys can even get what I have already erased!I didn;t like that, and went searching for solutions. Well, I take care of people, so I'll never be financially wealthy so my solutions generally must be inexpensive (preferably free).I ran upon Ultrawipe, a "disk cleaner" using overwrite technologies to erase all traces of stuff I have discarded.Hmmm...I thought, look what happened to Nixon when he erased...do I want to be this paranoid? B) Yep, I did. I could get the thing free for personal use, so I downloaded it. Then, I closed my eyes and fired her up. It was a long process, both identifiying files and wiping them. I felt about the same as when the Apollo capsules would go behind the moon, losing contact with earth, and I would wait to see if they were OK. The thing worked! I had been using MS's ScanDisk, and the first thing I noticed was that the puter sped up. :) Sometime later, I tried the advanced function of wiping the empty space on my disk, with positive results again. B) No, I don't use it everytime I clean the old disk, but I think it has helped operability, and I feel a bit more private. B) If you decide to cave in to your paranoid edge, you can learn more here.

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