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NVidia drivers in linux

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A good tutorial. But for those who need more guidance, let's fill in some of the gaps.To quit X, press ctrl-alt-backspace. This will kill X and take you down to the command prompt. To change your system so it doesn't boot into X automatically, you need to change the runlevel. The easiest way to do this is to edit the inittab file. Use vi and type this at the command prompt: vi /etc/inittabBelow the comments at the top of the file you should come across a line that says runlevel. Look for the number '5' and change it to '3'. To edit the file, press the i key to start editing your file. When you've changed it, press [escape] then press the semi-colon key, then 'w' and then 'q'. That means write to disk, and then quit.Although they say use wget, you could easily download the file from within X using Mozilla and then go to a console.'sh' is the command to run the file, which is basically what is known as a shell script. Shell scripts are like Windows batch files (.bat) and typically have the file extension .sh but not always.If you don't have the kernel source files installed, then you MUST download the pre-compiled binaries. Otherwise, before you install the drivers, go back and install all the packages for programming within Linux, including the kernel source, headers, etc.Mandrake 9.1 uses XFree86 4.3 so you should be okay.

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