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Sandor Reisz

Dewq's NMS

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Sandor Reisz

I personally use Dewq's No more Spam (www.dewqs.com). It's a real control tower for all my email. I normally get about 300-400 spam messages a day, on 7 accounts (it's got profiles, so this helps too), and it does an excellent job of tracking them. I registered with the first version of NMS, and it gets better all the time. What I asked them to work on was the newsletters, which were systematically marked as spam, especially if they've got adverts at the bottom, and apparently they've found a solution (mind you, once you've protected the appropriate newsletters in the current version, it isn't a problem any more), which they promised to implement i the next version (should be 1.3 I guess, altho they have a funny way of numlbering their versions). The guys behind it are very reactive to comments and suggestions. I had tried and tested almost evreything before that, nothing to my liking. The worst were add-ins to Outlook like Matador (www.matador.com), and Outlook Express like IHateSpam (www.ihatespam.com?), the latter obstinately refusing to uninstall, a nightmare. The proxy solutions (Weasel, etc.) didn't help me either, because I ddin't want want to have to go and fish out false positives from their vault. NMS presents me with an IN and and OUT bin, and I just drag and drop from one bin to the next if I need to. I personally hate writing rules, like in all other programs (starting with the MS duo), and in NMS, I just seelct text and mark what I want to block or protect. A breeze!

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