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Found 3 results

  1. abarbarian

    Window Maker

    Latest news is WM has an entry in the Arch Wiki its own page no less. https://wiki.archlin...hp/Window_Maker This thread is slightly out of date but is full of useful stuff. Anyone wanting to try out Window Maker on Arch will find these packages useful. https://www.archlinu...64/windowmaker/ https://www.archlinu...dowmaker-extra/ https://www.archlinu.../x86_64/docker/ https://www.archlinu.../any/menumaker/ I have not tried out the "menumaker" package. Instead I brought my main menu up to date with this tip from the WM home site. It is worth the time reading the "Doc's" at the site. http://windowmaker.o...nstallation.php Hundreds of themes with funky wallpapers can be found here http://www.jessanderson.org/wmthemes/ There are some dock apps at the AUR but not all of them run. There are loads and loads of dock apps to be found on the web. Do not be put of by the fact that development on some of them stopped decades ago. I managed to get a 1999 dock app to run though I was told that I really should have made an Arch package out of it first. With a bit of reading up and some minor twiddling I recon most reasonably experienced linux users would be able to find heaps of dock apps and get them running on Arch. From the wiki https://en.wikipedia...ki/Window_Maker To avoid litigation take note Anyone playing with Pi's might find this window manager a perfect fit both for its low use of resources and its ease of customisation using simple coding. I am enjoying playing with Window Maker and can heartily recommend it to folk. THEME PACKS --- in post 12. More Theme Packs --- in post 112. TIP - Shutdown pc -- in post 114. TIP -- Change Docked Icon Behaviour --- in post 115. TIP -- Manual Menu Entry -- in post 116 TIP - Closing windows
  2. Hi folks I have a mystery on my desktop it is a little complicated to explain in words so I have made a short ,less than a minute, screencast of the problem. Basically my windows disappear of the screen.If I move them instead of stopping at the monitor edges,top,bottom, they just keep on going. Where to I have no idea, maybe another dimension perhaps. My monitor is a bit like the Tardis it is bigger than it looks. I have made some progress with the mystery but there is still a problem. Have a looksee here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2qxi1233txs16n/mysterydesktopproblem.mkv?dl=0 Programs used Arch Window Maker Vokoscreen ;-)
  3. http://l3net.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/a-memory-comparison-of-light-linux-desktops/ http://l3net.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/a-memory-comparison-of-light-linux-desktops-part-2/ Great pair of articles on wm's. A must read for any newcomer to linux. Strangely enough it makes a good companion for this thread, http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?showtopic=62440
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