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Found 1 result

  1. macdunn

    eBay Login breach

    To start with - I am aware that there was a security breach at eBay back in May 2014 and all eBay users were supposed to be notified to change their passwords. I do not recall ever receiving any notification, but had not been using my account, other than following items to buy, and did not change my password at that time. Now, on 31 Oct 2014, I decided it is time to sell some stuff again. When I went to post the listing, I was notified on-screen that 'it appeared that I was using a different machine' (from which it did not say). I have changed computers since the last time I sold anything but have been using the same new machine to browse since April 2014. So, I went ahead and changed my password and also changed (or entered a new clue - my mother's maiden name) the clue answer. Everything seemed to work and I was able to list an item for sale. The next morning, 1 Nov 2014, I got an email from eBay saying that my account had been temporarily suspended and my sale was cancelled. Since then, I have logged in again but when I was relisting the item again, I was asked for the answer to my mother's maiden name and the answer was not accepted. I then received (on-screen) the message -- Call us at 1-866-643-1607 and mention security code XXXXXXX (I am not showing it here security reasons). This is not the same confirmation code to confirm your account. This on-screen message is coming from the URL -- https://www.kgvrfn.ebay.com/Support/?reqinput= 60ed0be722c1f00f1f72387f2d25f661f1fda7ff9d8f75bb832ca01bd7fc048be866ec44bd36eca4411f21756ade3f4de969f658f03b2777a2f4d5651314b15a Does anyone know if -- 1) eBay is using a telephone number for this type of problem, 2) Is the URL - https://www.kgvrfn.ebay.com/ - an valid eBay URL I have never seen a phone number for eBay before and this URL does not seem right to me because of the sub-domain. I am getting frustrated enough to just go ahead and open a new account with eBay, losing my history of 100% satisfaction since I started buying and selling in 1999. Thanks in advance, -Mac-
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