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Found 2 results

  1. abarbarian

    HP 2540 printer problems !!!!

    I have been forced to buy a new printer as the print quality from the local library is utter rubbish and you can not form a print queue and have to set up and print each page separately. Also when you connect to IE, note no FF, at the library you are given a "this is an outdated browser please install a secure and up to date browser" notice. What a total waste of tax payers money.Solution take out the pretend IT experts presently hired stand em up against a wall and shoot em, then they could hire me and give me a similar huge salary and I can guarantee I could provide a better service. Rant over. Here is a link to the printer manual, it is quite a large file, http://www.hp.com/ct...l/c03847745.pdf The printer has USB connection and two types of wireless connection. Below is a manual page showing information on WIRELESS DIRECT. As far as I can see you can connect to a local computer with wireless capabilities directly without going through a router. More information for WIRELESS DIRECT, The printer also supports WPS which my router has a button for. Here is picture of some information on the PRINTER program supplied with Makulu. In a fact sheet on WIRELESS DIRECT you can type"http//:1962.168.223.1" in a browser to customise settings.However I could only access this page if I disconnected my pc wireless and connect to the printers wireless connection (see pic 4 bottom left) Another page from http//:1962.168.223.1 Now I can get the lights on the router and the printer to show a connection using WPS but can not print. I am a tad wary of using WPS as I think it is has weak security though I am not sure on this point. I can connect to the http//:1962.168.223.1 web page if I set up the printer on its own wireless connection. Trying to connect through my normal gets me nowhere. Using www.http//:1962.168.223.1 gets me to the page but apart from a header it is blank and unresponsive. To connect to the http//:1962.168.223.1 on its own connection using FF threw up a UNTRUSTED CONNECTION message, I gave the page, dubiously, a trusted status and reviewed what was on offer. It seems that I have WIRELESS DIRECT set up with security it has its own configuration page. there is also a wireless connection page and this shows no connection. I did not set this up due to untrusted warning, as it asks for my routers name and password. So can anyone help me to set up the printer so I can use wireless directly from my pc without using the router ? If this is not possible is WPS safe to use ? an can someone help me set it up ? Or do I bite the bullet and use a long cable ? This would be a right pain as I could have saved loot by buying the usb only printer. Erik the failed geek :'(
  2. Routers Using WPS Are Intrinsically Unsafe - WindowsSecrets I always use the Manual Method wherever possible. Another great article by Fred Langa over at WindowsSecrets.com
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