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Found 3 results

  1. sunrat

    KDE Connect

    It may have been mentioned before (SB?) but I just tried it and WOW! I've used Airdroid and DroidOverWiFi which have some similar functions (and some that KDE Connect doesn't) but both seem a bit clunky. With KDE Connect, I installed the apps on desktop from Debian repo and on phone from Play Store. One click on each to connect! The phone shows automatically in Dolphin and you can open or transfer files or play media. You can share a URL from the phone and it will open in the desktop browser. You can even use the phone as a touchpad for your desktop or as a remote for your media player. KDE Connect is the easiest phone>desktop hookup I've seen. If you're not using KDE, well, aaaah...sorry. https://albertvaka.w...ng-kde-connect/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5KF6gBI8-o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkCFngNmsh0
  2. abarbarian

    HP 2540 printer problems !!!!

    I have been forced to buy a new printer as the print quality from the local library is utter rubbish and you can not form a print queue and have to set up and print each page separately. Also when you connect to IE, note no FF, at the library you are given a "this is an outdated browser please install a secure and up to date browser" notice. What a total waste of tax payers money.Solution take out the pretend IT experts presently hired stand em up against a wall and shoot em, then they could hire me and give me a similar huge salary and I can guarantee I could provide a better service. Rant over. Here is a link to the printer manual, it is quite a large file, http://www.hp.com/ct...l/c03847745.pdf The printer has USB connection and two types of wireless connection. Below is a manual page showing information on WIRELESS DIRECT. As far as I can see you can connect to a local computer with wireless capabilities directly without going through a router. More information for WIRELESS DIRECT, The printer also supports WPS which my router has a button for. Here is picture of some information on the PRINTER program supplied with Makulu. In a fact sheet on WIRELESS DIRECT you can type"http//:1962.168.223.1" in a browser to customise settings.However I could only access this page if I disconnected my pc wireless and connect to the printers wireless connection (see pic 4 bottom left) Another page from http//:1962.168.223.1 Now I can get the lights on the router and the printer to show a connection using WPS but can not print. I am a tad wary of using WPS as I think it is has weak security though I am not sure on this point. I can connect to the http//:1962.168.223.1 web page if I set up the printer on its own wireless connection. Trying to connect through my normal gets me nowhere. Using www.http//:1962.168.223.1 gets me to the page but apart from a header it is blank and unresponsive. To connect to the http//:1962.168.223.1 on its own connection using FF threw up a UNTRUSTED CONNECTION message, I gave the page, dubiously, a trusted status and reviewed what was on offer. It seems that I have WIRELESS DIRECT set up with security it has its own configuration page. there is also a wireless connection page and this shows no connection. I did not set this up due to untrusted warning, as it asks for my routers name and password. So can anyone help me to set up the printer so I can use wireless directly from my pc without using the router ? If this is not possible is WPS safe to use ? an can someone help me set it up ? Or do I bite the bullet and use a long cable ? This would be a right pain as I could have saved loot by buying the usb only printer. Erik the failed geek :'(
  3. So plugging in those pesky USB keys has got too hard for you? Try a wireless flash drive from SanDisk - http://www.sandisk.com/connect/ Two different configurations that can stream to multiple devices and offer up to 8 hours streaming. A good rundown is at Computerworld - http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9240944/SanDisk_unveils_wireless_flash_drives_that_hold_up_to_64GB
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