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Found 5 results

  1. DarkSerge

    Browser for older system

    Greetings everyone. General inquiry of curiosity. What browser might be good for an older system? I have an older laptop - Windows 10, 2.1 GHz Dual core Pentium x64, 4 GB RAM. I usually switch between Chrome and Firefox depending on what I want to do. Does anyone have an opinions on what's good for an older system?
  2. Which? finds half of Windows 10 users have encountered problems, calls for Microsoft to pay compensation Are you one of the few to have had a problem with Windows 10 ? You may be able to claim compensation.
  3. DarkSerge

    Unknown Crashes

    Something is disturbing my system and I don't know what. About a week ago, my system randomly and unexpectedly rebooted. I was sitting here and suddenly without errors or odd behaviour, the system just rebooted. Not a normal reboot with a shutdown screen - just BLINK and I'm looking at the boot screen. Several days later, the system completely locked up when I attempted to open a browser. Complete freeze - even the mouse cursor wasn't moving. Friends and coworkers suggested overheating issues. So all day today I've been monitoring the task manager and the system temperatures but I didn't see any red flags. Once every hour or so I jumped onto the computer just to check status. Eventually I came back and the system had restarted. System logs have no errors before the reboot/crashes. There is only the error messages after the reboot telling me the system shut down improperly. The only changes before these issuess were 2 Windows Updates the day before my issues started: https://support.micr...pdate-kb4048955 https://support.micr...ovember-14-2017 Does anybody know of any issues with one of those? There is a restore point before the update, I haven't restored it yet. If I do use a system restore point, should I disable Windows Update so it doesn't reinstall the update? I also have a bootable USB with Memtest86+ I will run later in the day when I have time.
  4. Is anyone running Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine? If so have you had any problems doing it. At the present time I dual boot with Linux using UEFI and GPT Partitioning. I have a 3.1 Ghz CPU, and 16 GB of ram. which should be enough to run windows 10 in a virtual machine with Linux as the primary OS. anyone done this? Mel
  5. Psst, so is anyone home? It almost doesn't look like home, it's been so long. Well, I've managed to get myself into trouble. I pulled a hard drive from a Core 2 Dou and put it into a (Sandy Bridge) Core i5 computer, swapped out Win7 product keys (I think), upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, tried to change user name and related registry settings, and Windows 10 then wiped out all of the user's data . So I have a few options: 1. Cut losses and move on. 2. revert/restore back to Windows 7 (using an available HDD) 3. try to recover files from previous folder/file versions option (I now know where to go, just not sure how to extract the "shadow" copy) 4. make full raw copy of HDD (prior to reverting back to Windows 7) -a) what's a good means to make full raw copy of HDD commercial or open/free options? DriveImage XML, Acronis, etc. I learned the Ghost 15 doesn't/didn't work well with EFI/UEFI based systems, which is what I'm working with.
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