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Found 2 results

  1. V.T. Eric Layton


    It seems sometimes that security firms are just hɘll bent on making Linux vulnerable. In a recent article from Computer World, F-Secure is harping about some minor, mostly obscure backdoor trojan attempt at some silly website in South America. The BIG headline that they focus on is the alleged cross-platform potential; particularly regarding Linux. OOOOOH! Yet, none of the articles explain how exactly this exploit would affect Linux systems, nor do they note that without ROOT privileges the exploit would be nothing more than a fart in a paper bag on most Linux systems. It's sad when even the tech media has slid down the trade-integrity-for-ad-revenue slippery slope that general media has. Linux vulnerability found in Web exploit New Web exploit targets multiple platforms Multi-platform Backdoor Lurks in Colombian Transport Site
  2. Mac Malware Targeting Unpatched Office Running on OS X – eWeek As noted in the Fran's Computer Services blog posting: Virus Bulletin has a Glossary entry for shellcode noted above:
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