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Found 1 result

  1. I had no problems with iOS 7 when I first updated to 7.0. Then I had all kinds of crashing problems with iOS 7.0.1. Then I had a sigh of relief with iOS 7.0.2 because it seemed all my problems were over! My little iPhone 4S was again working beautifully! As good as it did on iOS 6! What a sigh of relief. I was working great for days since I upgraded to iOS 7.0.2! Never had any audio problems or other problems. That was ... until I went to bed last night and wanted to listen to an audiobook for a bit. The audiobook started but with no audio and then almost immediately the book stopped reading entirely like I had pushed the button to stop it. I tried a bunch of stuff like unplugging and replugging the Apple headset to no avail most of the time and at times it would play for a few seconds and stop audio and the book! It was like it was haunted or something. Then it started totally losing the volume bar when it lost audio. I did some of the things people suggested in the following topics at Apple Discussions, and finally and wasted close to a half hour of major frustration on this problem! Some things seemed to work for a minute but it was the same as when I unplugged and replugged the headphone in the headphone jack. Very frustrating. Sometimes it would actually work for a couple minutes and then just stop again and the volume bar would disappear again. Grrrr! Here's some of the links I read over: https://discussions....156740#23156740 https://discussions....art=30&tstart=0 https://discussions....072220#23072220 Since sound/volume started and stopped with the headphone, I remembered someone posting a video which I couldn't watch with something about a butter knife and someone coming back with a post that said that fixed it for them! Well, it sounded like they wanted us to put a butter knife in the only thing that a butter knife would fit into ... the 30-pin dock connector. I could be wrong since I didn't watch the video, but I wasn't gonna do that for sure. I didn't want to chance shorting out my iPhone 4S. But I thought if something in the dock connector would fix this, I would just check to see if putting the 4S in the dock charger and see what happens... And miraculously the iPhone 4S started working and never stopped again last night. And this morning it's still working. I have no idea what the heck is going on, but this was crazy! So if you have a 4S and you have issues with sound not working, the volume bar disappearing, no audio. Try setting the 4S on a charging dock or plug it into the connector attached to a pc or mac. Worked for me! And it's still working today!
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