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Found 1 result

  1. I've seen some nice apps available for Android, which are not available for Linux, or Windows. I also saw an application (forgot the name, shucks!) in which in HongKong, they are using instead of the Internet, or Cell phones. Historically, when something goes wrong, the gov't shuts down public communications, so the people can't organize something. This time, they got one up on Communist gov't. They are using an app that works in Android, and on the Apple cell phones. Now they can communicate without any disruption from the police. The system works on a peer-to-peer system. No cell towers are necessary. No WIFI needed. They just download the app, and start using it. Each user is a node, and communication is good for approx up to 100 feet. However, with more users, one's communication range, can multiply many-fold. The specutlation is that our gov't now wants to tax the Internet. If that's the case, then this technology could become the next Internet system. It would put a lot of towers out of business, and ISP's could just fade out, since their servers would no longer be needed. The communication is not yet secure, Anyone can eavesdrop to listen in. But the next step is coming very soon. Encryption will be available, and secure private conversations will also become available, with someone else on the node. There is an app that works with this communiction, which can drop the user onto the WIFI circuit, if so desired. It will be interesting how much further that this technology will be adopted, and further expansion increased. I still don't know if this would work in Linux, running a virtual Android OS, which is running this peer-to-peer communication system. Of course, the computer would need blutooth to run. The app is opensource, so that it can be modified as desired. Sorry, I forgot the name of the application. But if you google HongKong, I'm pretty sure that you will read about it there. The app can also be downloaded from GoogleTalk. Cheers!
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