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Found 4 results

  1. Linux-using mates gone AWOL? Tuesday !!! Heck that's today. See you folks have tv to watch
  2. Well I had a bit of luck in that the family gave me a bundle of loot for me 60th burpday. Spent a while deciding what was the most needed and useful thing to buy with all the loot. In the end I decided that a new tv would be the best bang for the buck. So I bought a 42 " smart tv to replace my perfectly working crt tv. This is the first time in me life I have ever bought a new tv. An it is great. Setting it up in Windows to play games and watch vids took a few moments. Great picture and sound from the tv. An most importantly no lag in games. So far so good. Linux, that is me Arch 64
  3. Here's a guy from "inside" the TV and Movie content world that really get's it. Content distribution for the digital age and fight piracy at the same time. , under 5 minutes.
  4. LINKS REMOVED What can I say, it was a breeze to install and set up. Easy to add extra tv sources, I only added the international, UK and Russian ones. UK channels refused to load and play. The program was quick to notify when a channel could not be accessed. However some channels would say they were running but all they gave was a black screen with no sound. Best channel I got was NASA TV, very interesting.
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