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  1. Most documentation, nearly all I saw, says to have your /etc/fstab entry for swap look like this and if you let most installers build your fstab for you it will look like that. A few places have documentation for swap that says to leave it blank except if you need to alter priority, say if you have swap on multiple disks. And yet others list mount options for Swap as "sw". With no listing of what flags are included when "sw" is used. I was wondering about it this week and this is what struck me. The "defaults" mount option = rw,suid,dev,exec,auto,nouser,async . Those mount options seem odd for the swap space. rw = read,write OK, we need this for Swap. suid = set user id Why does this need to be available on Swap? I don't think it does. dev = Interpret character or block special devices on the filesystem. Why does this need to be set on Swap? exec = permit execution of binaries We do not need this in Swap. auto = can be mounted with the -a option I don't think we need this for Swap. nouser = forbid ordinary users from mounting the filesystem OK, we need this for Swap. async = all I/O done asynchronously I don't think that is how Swap should work. It is supposed to be used to get things out of RAM, quickly, Anyone have opinions about this or links to explanations of what mount options to use and why?
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