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Found 3 results

  1. I came across this article on folk leaving Spotify and such like sites. There’s endless choice, but you’re not listening’: fans quitting Spotify to save their love of music Quite a neat article. I knew people were starting to go back to vinyl and mini cd players and such and not simply due to them working out cheaper than a streaming service. The article led me to discover Navidrome which I thought might be of interest to folk here. I like that it can run on a Raspberry Pi Zero and has Docker images. Also it is more secure if you turn of or do not use the Subsonic stuff.
  2. First off I have a Amazon Fire Stick which works great to stream Movies from amazon. I also have a Roku Stick which works fine. I also have a Sony Blue Ray / DVD Player. Here is what I want to do. I want to send (stream) Movies and Photo's that are stored on my computer over the network to my computer. There is Mini Dlna, Plex and some others. What is the best and easiest method to do this? Plex seems overly complicated for what I want to do. I already have the means of streaming direct from the internet through my router, I only want something simple to stream from the computer to the TV. Since my computer is not a DLNA Device I need something like mini dlna or plex or something else. I want to hear from members who are using and have done this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Mel
  3. LINKS REMOVED What can I say, it was a breeze to install and set up. Easy to add extra tv sources, I only added the international, UK and Russian ones. UK channels refused to load and play. The program was quick to notify when a channel could not be accessed. However some channels would say they were running but all they gave was a black screen with no sound. Best channel I got was NASA TV, very interesting.
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