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Found 3 results

  1. I had no problems with iOS 7 when I first updated to 7.0. Then I had all kinds of crashing problems with iOS 7.0.1. Then I had a sigh of relief with iOS 7.0.2 because it seemed all my problems were over! My little iPhone 4S was again working beautifully! As good as it did on iOS 6! What a sigh of relief. I was working great for days since I upgraded to iOS 7.0.2! Never had any audio problems or other problems. That was ... until I went to bed last night and wanted to listen to an audiobook for a bit. The audiobook started but with no audio and then almost immediately the book stopp
  2. onederer

    Chasing the sound.

    Hi folks! First I'll tell you what I need, and then tell you the story of what happened. Fair enough? Perhaps the problems can be tackled one at a time. I have a laptop, HP dv7, 64, Win7Pro, I dual-boot both Linux and Window, using a seperate HD for the Linux, on an external USB hard drive. This now will the object of my discusion. Here's what I need, and also, I've been told to go pound sand by the vendors, unless I come up with a lot of cash, which I don't have. I need a driver for the fingerprint reader for logging into the computer, instead of typing in my password and user nam
  3. https://hacks.mozilla.org/2012/09/its-opus-it-rocks-and-now-its-an-audio-codec-standard/ Hurah for freedom fighters.
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