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  1. all of my computers now have SSD's in them. I was reading an interesting article that stated Ubuntu which Mint is a derivative of does not support for Trim by default. When I did a manual Trim command on my Main SSD with Mint 18.3 installed. I was surprised that it trimmed 17.6 GB. I also read that with enough ram a swap file is not needed and your ssd will last longer and perform better without one. So I bought a 500 GB SSD and installed it last night. I installed Mint 19 on it without a swap file. Using GPT formating with a EFI partition Fat32 500 MB a ROOT partition of 25 GB and a Home Partition of 75 GB I have 16 GB of Ram. I am using it right now as I write this. All Opinions, and Advise is Welcome. Mel
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