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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2014/02/27/boeing-black-android-smartphone-will-self-destruct-if-tampered-with/ For government officials only.
  2. Neil P

    I switched to Android

    I think I've decided as of now that I'm going to buy an Android phone next time around. I'm eligible for an upgrade in December, I think. So it's still a ways away for me. But I'm making the decision now. As of today, I'd probably go with a Galaxy S4* since the S3 is supposedly such a good phone. If Google puts out a new Nexus phone (the 4 came out in November, right?) by then maybe I'll go for that. The reason I don't want the 4 is because I really want an LTE phone and from what I've seen it's HSPA+ (or what AT&T calls 4G but isn't LTE**). It's a very tempting phone though. Maybe I'll head out to the AT&T store and see what the phones feel like. I'm really really interested in Google Now. I know people here will probably spontaneously combust from sending so much data to Google, but it looks so useful. I use a lot of Google stuff already anyway, so deeper integration will be nice. I could get a Nexus 4 now I suppose, and maybe sell my current phone (iPhone 4S)...is that even something you can do with a subsidized phone? Gazelle is offering $205 for a 4S right now. Getting off the upgrade treadmill sounds really nice too... Apple would have to really do something great with the 5S to get me to stay. The biggest reason for me not to switch is that I've spent so much money in Apple's ecosystem already. Slice tells me I've spent $1,125 in iTunes--of course, that doesn't differentiate between apps and music. *obviously the S4 isn't announced yet, but it's expected soon. **I'm seeing conflicting stuff, saying that HSPA+ should be at least close to LTE speeds. My iPhone 4S says it's "4G" but I don't get near LTE speeds. LTE is faster right? Update: I switched!
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