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  1. --- Well, it's come to this... I've been using Chromium in Slackware64-14.1 for quite a few years, but last October/November a new version came out that just refuses to run on my system. It crashes about 15 seconds after startup with "segmentation fault" error. I've spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting this. I run .txz SlackBuilds from Alien Bob's (+Eric Hameleers) repos. The last version that can run on my system is chromium-52.0.2743.82-x86_64-1alien. I thought maybe that I would wait a few more versions since this problem started to try it again. Well, today I installed the newest version (54.x) and experienced the exact same issue that I had with 53.x back in Oct/Nov. I even ran it with a brand new, vanilla chromium profile. No joy. So, starting today, I guess I'll be running Firefox as my primary browser. The ol' Chromium 52.x is getting too many warnings from websites regarding its age and security issues. I have my FF set up to look and behave very similarly to my Chromium. One thing that I can say in favor of FF... the font rendering is AWESOME compared to that of Chromium. Narrow fonts in FF are sharp/dark, easily readable; not so much in Chromium. Anyway, I'll miss Chromium, but it is what it is... ---
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