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Found 10 results

  1. siduction is proud to announce a new release dubbed "Farewell" in honour of recently departed developer Axel. Currently available with several DEs but the main one is KDE Plasma 5.20.5 . A special build is also available with 5.22 from Norbert Preining's repo. Looks like it has some nice innovations like doas instead of sudo, iwd for wifi, and kio-fuse for mounting remote directories. Release notes: https://siduction.org/2021/07/release-notes-for-siduction-2021-2-0/
  2. I really like Siduction 3.0 with the lxqt desktop environment. I may just have to call on Sunrat and others when I have a problem. I could probably do better with the cinnamon DE, but I like any of the LX de's THis one is really fast and smooth. Probably the best LXQT DE yet. Once I learn it I'll probably use it full time and keep mint as a backup. I have both mint 19 and Siduction lxqt both working really well right now. It's just that I have so much to learn about the LXQT DE and Siduction. Mel
  3. For the last while, I have been happily running the KDE version of siduction. Quite recently however, during a routine dist-upgrade, I noticed a large amount KDE packages and libraries being removed. I feared the worst, and rebooting confirmed that the K Desktop Environment had indeed been broken, if not entirely removed from the system... I still had a functioning herbstluftwm installed, so, figuring it was time for a change, I used this to download the latest Manjaro release, which I'm now running with hlwm installed alongside Xfce. Here are screenshots for those interested...
  4. A quick update before I get to the problem, I am now running the Xfce version of siduction on my main system. I have been now for a few weeks, and Linux Steam and everything else I need works beautifully. Recently, I've been having the urge to play a couple of games only available for windows (mainly Skyrim, which in ludicrously cheap at the moment), and installed the Windows version of steam using wine. Pretty much everything works smoothly (I played Cloney for a while). However, when I try to go to the Steam store or community, I get a blank page and the 'loading' symbol. I came across a fix (on the Arch Wiki), that mentioned installing ms fonts. I already had these on the actual system, and installing them with winetricks changed nothing. Any ides? Ps. I'll probably get skyrim while the sale's still on, It's under €10 right now, so there's minimal loss involved if it doesn't work.
  5. http://news.siductio...ction-2014-1-3/ I'm looking forward to trying the new LXQt version, and maybe try btrfs. Homerun, newly included in KDE, looks interesting too. My main siduction install will not be replaced as it still works well. Rolling release rocks!
  6. Done a dist-upgrade and now my graphics card is not working right. I have traced the problem to the kernel 3.12.3 and 3.12.4. When I boot up the screen print is so large I can't login. I can login by going to advanced and using the 3.9.3 kernel then everything is back to normal. Is there a way I can use the new kernels? the ATI radeon 4200 is no longer supported by amd for Linux. It appears that the new kernels have left something out or this graphics card is no longer supported in some linux distro's with the newer kernels.. Mel Problem is solved. Installed package: "firmware-linux-nonfree and that solved the problem thanks to sunrat who in one of the first postings asked if I had it installed. There are packages like that for other Debian distros including Ubuntu. Mel
  7. I just installed the latest Siduction to my Hard drive. This is the first time using it. Along long time ago I used another distro that was based on sid called sidux I believe. I will probably need a little help from anyone in the forum who uses Siduction. I have not used KDE for many years only Gnome and Cinnamon. I am not very good with the CLI, so if I get in trouble will be calling on the forum for help. Mel
  8. With Debian Wheezy now released as stable, lots of changes happen with sid, so siduction have released new snapshot called Firestarter. Release Notes for siduction 2013.1 - Firestarter
  9. siduction 2012.2 - Riders on the Storm final is now available from your friendly local siduction mirror. I'm really keen to give Razor-Qt a good test, probably on my EeePC 900. More info and downloads:- http://siduction.org...sid=154&lang=en Half an hour later: Wow, I just downloaded the 721MB Razor-Qt iso using KTorrent in 3 minutes 6 seconds! Here's a screenshot in VBox (click to enbiggen)- Looks very nice. It's 35°C here atm so I'm not going to delve further yet.
  10. The nice devs at siduction have just made available a release candidate for the upcoming siduction 2012 - Riders on the Storm. An interesting part of this release is that Razor-qt, a new lightweight desktop built on QT, is now going to be a regular option for image download. Just the thing for those who liked KDE3 but have issues with KDE4. siduction-Razor-qt uses OpenBox as it's WM, but it can use any WM (inctuding Kwin). I installed the original Razor-qt beta in VBox and was impressed. While it's not finished yet it was still very usable. Siduction 2012.2 is shipped with 4 Desktop-Environments: KDE SC, XFCE, LXDE and Razor-qt, all in 32- and 64-bit variants. Release notes here.
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