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Found 3 results

  1. I just installed LinuxBBQ Cinnamon desktop version. Everything worked for me right out of the box, even my ati radeon card. Wow! it is fast. it is the fastest of any distro I have tried for booting up except maybe LXLE. I was going to install Chromium (google chrome) but it said it was going to uninstall to many other things to install it. I like the cinnamon desktop and did not want it messed up by installing chromium. Will have to play with this awhile. during install it used some things from siduction and it is based on sid. I am using it as I write this. Mel
  2. I just installed this on my EeePC 900 (after deciding that KDE is a bit much for it), and it works like a dream! Wireless worked out of the box, touchpad works and almost everything else, except volume function keys. All the other function keys work. The version I installed is Trollinger, with LXDE and OpenBox as WM. It installed in about 1.5GB from a 429MB iso, boots to around 100MB RAM and is very snappy. I think it's a keeper! LinuxBBQ website There are a multitude of versions available, the main idea being to allow the user to build up the system from a reliable base. Here's a co
  3. siduction 2012.2 - Riders on the Storm final is now available from your friendly local siduction mirror. I'm really keen to give Razor-Qt a good test, probably on my EeePC 900. More info and downloads:- http://siduction.org...sid=154&lang=en Half an hour later: Wow, I just downloaded the 721MB Razor-Qt iso using KTorrent in 3 minutes 6 seconds! Here's a screenshot in VBox (click to enbiggen)- Looks very nice. It's 35°C here atm so I'm not going to delve further yet.
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