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Found 2 results

  1. Fuddster

    Today I Learned...

    I used the backup software Back In Time to back up my /home folder during my recent openSUSE reinstall. Somehow I missed a setting, I still don't know which one, that allowed BIT to copy/restore more copies of my files with ".backup.fulldate" appended to each file. OVER 250,000 OF THEM! I use the find command often, so I opened a terminal and fired it up. To make sure my search pattern worked, I sent the results to a text file and gave it a quick look. And Today I Learned that the find command has a -delete switch that made getting rid of those files a snap! The full command we
  2. abarbarian

    FISH shell

    Main site http://fishshell.com/ There is a 4bit terminal color scheme designer available on-line. http://ciembor.github.io/4bit/ However you can always use the fish_config command which I used as I could not seem to get the hang of the above. The web interface allows you to view your functions, variables and history, and to make changes to your prompt and color configuration. fish_config starts a local web server and then opens a web browser window; when you have finished, close the browser window and then press the Enter key to terminate the configuration session. T
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