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Found 4 results

  1. abarbarian

    Image Viewers

    17 alternatives to your default image viewer on Fedora 6 Lightweight Qt Image Viewers for Linux Was looking for an alternative image viewer and found these neat articles. I tried out Nomacs and Photoqt and am quite impressed with both. The information on how to set up and use photoqt is very impressive indeed and well worth a peek. http://photoqt.org/about The above is from the photoqt home page and impressed the pants of me.
  2. abarbarian


    http://www.maui-project.org/en/ http://www.maui-proj.../en/about/maui/ https://github.com/m...oals-and-Design This project seems to have a lot of Arch luuurve in the background as there are Arch packages available for Hawaii. I'm fascinated by Wayland and have been ever since I saw a video of it in action over at Phronix. Downloading the .iso now and will be trying Maui out on a usb stick sometime over the weekend. Wonder how it will fly ? http://www.maui-project.org/en/download/
  3. Andrea Scarpino wrote: URL - https://www.archlinux.org/news/qt4-replaces-qt/
  4. abarbarian

    A town called Penguin

    A town called PENGUIN How could I not post.
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