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  1. Mirroring My Slackware Partitions - Using Porteus (thumb drive) Linux > grsync as root (can also be done with rsync as root from terminal) - Porteus automatically mounts all available partitions. However, best to check > gparted to check mounting or > cd mnt to check Note: both source and destination must be mounted for rsync to work. - Open Terminal > su to root > start grsync - Set up session in grsync > check preserve user, permissions, time, groups, etc > check copy symlinks and hardlinks > uncheck verbose > choose source - add trailing / to prevent source directory creation on destination > choose destination > test run, if wanted > start live run - Repeat above for each partition to be mirrored - After mirroring completed, to make the mirror bootable as the original, fstab must be edited to correct for source/destination partition number discrepancies - Also edit GRUB to boot mirrored partition ===== For rsync, just make sure the source and destination are both mounted, then execute (as root): #rsync -a /dev/sd/ /dev/sd *Don't forget trailing / after source. ____________________________________________________________________________ rsync is VERY COOL! I should have been using this years ago to backup. It took about 45 minutes to mirror my 25Gig / and my 50Gig /home partitions. I can do this every Sunday. I'll never lose more than 7 days' worth of work this way. Unless, of course, my drive crashes, since both the original and source are on the same drive. I have two other drives on this system, though. Time permitting, I may set up one with the proper sized partitions to create a true backup. The current method is only to provide me with a usable Slackware if I should booger up my primary one somehow. So, there we go...
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