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Found 3 results

  1. I had to do an "I forgot my password", since the system would not accept my password of choice. Same thing happened last time. I had to get issued a new "system" password, which is how I got in here this time, again. Again, I went to change my system issued password to some password that I can remember. So I entered the very long your system issued HEX password in the "current password" section, then I entered my chosen password twice. Now it told me that it cannot recognise my current password, thus not allowing me to enter my chosen password. What's going on??
  2. Dan's Data is one of my old favourite sites, Aussie, kinda geeky, with hints of XKCD and rather addictive. And lots of really useful tips. Although his posts are less frequent lately, there's a goldmine to explore. I just happened across this article, a fascinating insight on passwords. Put your protective sarcasm goggles on. On the h4xx0ring of p4sswordZ
  3. It seems like we hear news like this very regularly lately. LinkedIn confirms password loss: 3.5m already cracked
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