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  1. Downloaded Mints latest Mint 19 Last week. Have been using it for a couple of days now. Here are my first impressions of it. PRO's Slick, Modern, Fast, Time Shift works great if not using the BTRFS file system. Red Shift makes it easy on the eyes, I Like the new Icons, The Software manager is layed out better and fast. CON's Slow Booting up. Many programs that were already installed in Mint 18.3 were not in this version. Had to go to the software manager and download them. Software manager doesn't have some of the software that I need or use. had to go to Synaptic and (apt-get) Have a few minor glitches that I will have to resolve. VLC is messed up, probably my fault for some of the codecs I was trying to install for K3B to burn MP3's. Brasero works fine. Being a new distro some bugs are expected. I've been getting updates everyday and sometime twice. If I have to reinstall will probably go back to 18.3 which worked flawless for me. Maybe I will use Mint 18.3 on the SSD that BTRFS messed up. Mel
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