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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    WWDC 2013

    WWDC 2013 Starts at: 10AM PT, 1PM ET today - June 10, 2013 Keynote will be streamed at apple.com Live From Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote - TechCrunch
  2. Once again there are reports of a Java zero-day vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild. All versions of Java are impacted, including the most recent release, JRE 7, Update 10. With any version of Java installed on your computer, visiting a malicious link can result in a serious malware infection. Significantly, the exploit is not operating system and, although currently targeting Windows systems, can also run the same code on Mac OS X or Linux. Recommendations in my blog post at Java Zero-Day (Again), Time To Disable/Remove Java
  3. Google Acquires iOS/Mac Email Client Sparrow, Apps To Remain Available But Development Stopped - TechCrunch
  4. The ‘ole Conficker worm still infecting PCs years later - FransComputerServices Blog
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