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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings! After a long absence, I'm back. Less smart and much older. I've stumbled upon a dilemma that you smart guys may be able to resolve. I was able to upgrade my Windows10 Home version to the Pro version, since my prior version was a pro version, I was able to use the serial number from Windows7 Pro to get upgraded without any financial expenses. Now what I found out is that it was possible to run Linux on Windows10, so I followed up on that, and elected to install Ubuntu. After a lot of searching to find out why it would not install, I finally found out how to overcome that problem, and succeeded in the installation Ubuntu. Oh, I thought that this was great! However, I found out that no GUI is available for this version, and only a console version was provided. No startx, no initX11, no start KDE. I did download those applications, including KDE, and Gnome. It was all futile. Perhaps it because I've become a happy user, and not much of a tinkerer with OS's anymore. So, I've forgotten a lot over these past years. I believe that I've downloaded everything needed to make a GUI feasible. But with my luck, it didn't happen. This is where you come in. How can I make all of that, assemble together to get a working graphical application going? As of now, I can't install HPLIP for the printer. And many other things that need a GUI to be able tp operate. Does anyone know if that OS/Windows combination, was only meant to operate on a console only? If so, that's quite a bummer! They were also offering other Linux OS's. One being SUSE server, Console only, also? Another Linux server (sorry, forgot it's name) and another Linux version which is a security probe version which it's name starts with "K". again, console only or with GUI? So the other thing that bothers me is if this thing is a loser, is how to get rid of it in Windows10. Especially with all the things that I downloaded to try my experiment. Can anyone help me? The Linux BASH applications work fine in the console, But not my bag.
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