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Found 2 results

  1. OK, I'm now running GRUB from Slackware. It controls my MBR and boots all my operating systems on my main machine, with the exception of the soon-to-be plowed under borked Arch. Here's how I did it: GRUB (0.97) on Slackware - Build GRUB from SlackBuild in /Extras or download from SlackyEU (http://repository.sl...ub-legacy/0.97/ --> works on 14 current also) - Make sure to have a boot disk available (just in case) - Remove LILO if it was previously used as the bootloader on the system > #slackpkg remove lilo - Install GRUB on system > #installpkg grub-legacy* - Write to the MBR of the main drive on the system > #grub-install /dev/sd* - Copy previously used menu.lst from another source on the system or create a new menu.lst to boot the operating systems - Reboot --> JOY! YAY! I'm planning on using Clonezilla to clone my current Slackware partitions onto the old Arch partitions and use this as secondary OS on this machine. I will re-clone periodically to keep the two relatively synch'd. Of course, since they're on the same drive, a mech failure would be ugly, so I'll still regularly copy my /etc and /home to external media (DVD). This will facilitate ease of reinstall, if ever needed.
  2. V.T. Eric Layton

    Booting w/ LILO

    Here's another of those "I sure do miss Bruno" topics... Are there any LILO experts out here at Scot's these days? I've never been a LILO fan for multiple booting (beyond two OS's). It works like a champ on my laptop (dual boot) and even on my shop system (multiboot), but I've never been able to get it to work on my main system for some reason. I have a complicated fdisk layout on this system. I have three drives (non-RAID) running with numerous partitions on each. It's always been problematic to get LILO to properly recognize the drives/partitions and boot my multiple operating systems properly. Last night, I got the closeest I've ever come. I was able to boot Slackare (LILO - MBR controller on /dev/sda1) perfectly. However, when I tried to boot Arch (dev/sda5), CentOS (/dev/sdb6), Debian (dev/sdb8), Mint (/dev/sdb10), and Salix (/dev/sdb12), they would boot, but I had no keyboard or mouse at the RL3 command line. I tried to get LILO to boot the initrds by adding an initrd line to lilo.conf, but then /sbin/lilo gave errors when running and only registered Slackware; leading me to believe that it never got to where it was booting the initrd. I believe that if I could get it to properly boot the initrds, it would have the USB keyboard and mouse support once booted. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong here?
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